sabato 4 febbraio 2017

LICKSTER - The App we want or need...

These days lot of people in socials sharing the video of "Lickster", the App/Game that should teach you to mastering the art of cunnilingus, there you can see the informational video:

Obviously Lickster is a big prank...Just momently because I've the suspect we will see very soon this app on Applestore or Googleplay, meanwhile if you're curious to test something similar you can download "Lickster Ice", you will not increase you cunnilingus skills but you will be a master at licking Ice-cream.

Anyway both the app works on the same way, use your tongue (yes the "tongue touch" works on smartphone) or fingers, to follow the arrow and reach points to unlock several type of ice-cream.
There's also a rank with the best ice-cream!!!!

I want to be clear, you can spent hour and hour on this application trying to increase your skills but you will never beat the undisputed master of licking...

Now  what make me curious to find more informations about this APP was the huge numbers of people asking "Where I can find this App?", "I'd like to increase my cunnilingus skills", "I do my best but I always fail at satisfy my girl with my tongue" etc etc

So seems that lot of people (75% if you take a look at the video) have problems at give pleasure to a woman using tongue,and unfortunately there's also a big segment of men that refuse to practice this art, for several (wrong) reasons.
Anyway take a look at Youtube, search cunnilingus and you can find hundreds of video tutorial that (try) to teach you the right moment that give more pleasure to a woman.


Unfortunately training this art it's not very easy, specially for single man, it's not like go to Starbucks and order your favorite coffee, or go to gym and train your muscles (also tongue is a type of muscle), no you need time (a lot) and work (hard) to find a partner! and anyway you can't use your girlfriend as a gym apparatus!!!

So how can we master the art of lick pussy? How can we arrive at the moment of oral sex sure to give pleasure to the partner? How can we learn to use tongue as a swordsman of '700, with deadly class and elegance?

Well Lickster sound like a good idea, unfortunately this App is not available, was just a big joke...momently you can only try to become the master of licking Ice-cream, just remember to clean your phone before and after the use...
...or just go in your favorite ice cream parlor, spent a couple of dollars (or euros) and have fun and pleasure with your favorite combo of delicious ice-cream !!!

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